We are a happy bunch of adventurous location-independent entrepreneurs and freelancers. For us van life is the ultimate lifestyle. We would love to share this experience with you, fellow adventurer, and get you just as excited and stoked about van life as we are!


You’re never quite sure where I’m hanging out in the world, for it could be Ibiza or in the Algarve in my camper van Vamos. But you’re also likely to find me living in an apartment or villa with like minded souls in a beautiful beach town somewhere in South America. Or maybe you bump into Vamos and me when we’re cruising all the way from Tarifa to the Netherlands. Freedom is priceless and the digital nomad lifestyle means ultimate freedom to me.

Wherever I park my van, I always keep my online marketing hat on. I live, breathe and radiate online marketing and my passion is to help you get the best Google rankings possible. Besides that I’m a sucker for travel and adventures. Do you want to life your best life, spend time in nature and try out van life? Join us on the next Camper Retreat in Croatia!

Initiator Camper Retreats & Online Marketer at B. Analyzed marketing

You can sense my excitement for life from the moment you meet me. I’m passionate about connecting people. I’ve been travelling the world for the past seven years, leaving a corporate career behind. This journey helped me find holistic ways to live better with my auto-immune disease. I understood that if I wanted to get better, I needed to ask the right questions. I love Asian food, diving, dancing, being in nature and going on crazy adventures.

I’m a certified life coach and yoga instructor. All the tools that I believe in and that work on me, I made it my mission to learn, practice, embody and share them. My mission is to help others find peace, ease and contentment in their daily life. I truly believe that we all have everything we need to transform our vision of ourselves, others and life in general. All starts from a place within of self love. I help my clients bring awareness to their life, ask empowering questions, learn to listen and trust their intuition and turn their ideas into a plan for a more aligned and fulfilling life.

Transformation and wellness Coach

Wellness Coach

Go out, explore, live. But also, enjoy and rest. Find a balance. I love to be outside and on the road – I always did. Spending most of my school holidays camping, I already grew a deep passion for this lifestyle very early. Being on the road, being in nature, living a life of pure joy and freedom – that’s exactly how I like it. And this feeling I love to share with you!

As an outdoor activity guide, I’m grateful to get in contact with beautiful people while leading team and company events all over Germany and explore my home country at the same time. Before focusing more on a combination of things I truly feel fulfilled with working for (people, water, sports, self-alignment), I had different remote positions in fields as sales, event management and marketing. Whenever possible, I’m exploring new places, which might be on a completely different continent or just right around the corner. And water is my happy place – beach side, catching waves, ocean crossing, cliff jumping, mountain lakes, river tours, … I’m in!

Outdoor Guide & Event Management

Three years ago I discovered traveling was bringing me so much freedom and knowledge in life. That’s why I started to combine it with my photography work. Why not do my favourite thing on earth, while traveling the world?

My passion for capturing people’s unique stories is so big that you won’t see me without my camera, if it’s a wedding, street photography or my own life. I’m not just becoming a better photographer, but even as a person I grow richer.

Working with camper-retreats is written on my body. I have the privilege to follow people while traveling for a longer period of time and try to capture the characters and stories how they really are. Let’s make some magic!

Awardwinning photographer